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My latest XL drawing

I wanted to create a life size drawing of my dog… the paper size was 1 meter and the largest work that I’ve ever attempted. Here’s initial sketch and working out proportions.


Bic Biro BirdĀ 

I’ve started this drawing with the intention of entering a couple of artworks in the Altrincham art society spring Exhibition.

The one category was a monochrome line drawing in any medium and the crosshatching in Biro made me tickle. So here is the first one I did.Ā 

This is the last days’ artwork from the 14 day drawing challenge and the theme was movement. We were allowed to choose from a selection of images and this one really captured my eye. The first couple of sketches were done in 60 seconds and 5 mins and the full piece took 1 hour to complete. Ā This was one of my favourite drawings of the challenge.


The 14 day drawing challenge

This challenge kept me drawing no matter what… I made time and space to do them. Through this process I realized just how much time I spend looking for subjects to draw… wouldn’t it be great just to be supplied Ā images like these everyday šŸ˜‰

Here are days 10-13